What are the “It’s a Trap Meme” And Why is It Used?

It’s a trap meme that is used to convince people that the person who created the joke is actually a victim. The truth is that jokes are made everyday all over the world. People have a sense of humor, and no matter how silly a joke may be, it’s always funny. It’s unfortunate that some people feel that this is an unfair attack on their intelligence by other people in a group.

A situation can arise where someone is trying to start a joke and someone else wants to stop it. This happens all the time, even on the Internet. Some people do a bad job at creating these traps and they are not as good at telling them apart. This makes it hard for the person who is being tricked into thinking they are being attacked to figure out what the trap is all about. So it’s important to know what the trap is and to know how to defend against it when others use it.

The trap is made by using a stereotype or two of the target demographic. People will make a trap and then when they’re being told the trap is about the target they will change the name and make it a stereotype of their own. For example, they could create a trap saying something like “How can we tell if this person is really homeless?” Another way of putting the trap would be “What are you thinking about your life?” This will not seem like a trap, but will actually make the person think that they are the one who is going to be attacked. They will see that it has nothing to do with them and it will make them think that their life is going to be destroyed if they say the wrong thing.