The Chronicles of Spellborn

The latest game in the hugely successful and acclaimed action series, The Chronicles of Spellborn is “The Borderlands 3: Wrath of Malak”. Here you play as the new Hero of the new series, who was once a slave to an evil wizard known only as Malak. Aided by his sister Alora and some powerful allies, the Hero sets out to free the world from the evil clutches of the wizard.

The game is similar to the previous two games where you have to save the world from Malak’s evil clutches. However this time it is set a few thousand years later than the others. The game takes place on the world of Zangarmadon, which is a fantasy version of the modern day Middle East. It is a land which has not been completely destroyed by Malak yet. This means that there are still evil wizards and demons roaming about and they are looking for ways to attack and destroy the world. This is where the new hero comes into play, to defeat these evil forces and help rebuild Zangarmadon.

As you will be playing the role of the new Hero you will need to make a lot of decisions as he or she goes along, but at the same time you will have to make sure that all the decisions you make are the right ones, otherwise your story will end in failure. The game also introduces several new areas, some of which will play a major role in the storyline, such as the Desert Palace. Other new areas introduced are the Ancient Caverns of Thracia and The Rift, which has its own interesting plot. The game also introduces a new way to level up, called the Demon Path, which makes playing with multiple character classes a much easier task and also adds another layer of challenge to the game, as you must choose your character wisely to make the best use of the available skill points and gold to be spent.