Reddit Piracy – How Does Reddit Pirates Operate?

A new Reddit piracy video has surfaced on the internet, and it features YouTube prankster and writer Sam Hyde speaking about his new Reddit account (which he made before his account was banned) and what he thought of the website. If you’re thinking about joining the site, then this video is a must-see.

reddit piracy

There are two videos that were uploaded onto the site called “Redditor Piracy,” which showcases videos from a variety of users, as well as one from a YouTube prankster who is in fact Sam Hyde. The video includes all of the usual Reddit spamming that we’ve grown used to, but it also offers a new angle on the site and the people who frequent it. Hyde’s main goal is to bring attention to the fact that his account was banned by Reddit administrators and the ban has led to Reddit being overrun with pirates who are stealing and posting copyrighted content.

There are many of these videos online, but some are better than others, and I’ve found one that I really like. The YouTube prankster in the video is actually a Redditor who went against the grain and took the story of his account ban and created a viral video that is going to blow up on the website. The Reddit Pirates is basically the same group of Redditors that Sam Hyde has been trying to expose through his viral campaign. You can check out more of Sam Hyde’s Reddit videos by following the links below. I highly recommend that you do so, as I believe that these videos can help get people to finally give up on the site and start looking for better alternatives.