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  1. 00 Introduction/00-01 Welcome.mp47.91 MiB
  2. 00 Introduction/00-02 Using the exercise files.mp47.62 MiB
  3. 01 Getting Started/01-01 Essential analogies for an operating system.mp417.1 MiB
  4. 01 Getting Started/01-02 Understanding the computer`s login account.mp413.7 MiB
  5. 01 Getting Started/01-03 Installing Windows 10 from original install media.mp422.9 MiB
  6. 01 Getting Started/01-04 Updating Windows 10.mp44.63 MiB
  7. 01 Getting Started/01-05 Running Windows 10 for the first time and setting up the computer.mp410.4 MiB
  8. 01 Getting Started/01-06 Introducing Actions Center, Settings, and Control Panel.mp415.1 MiB
  9. 01 Getting Started/01-07 Configuring a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.mp412.3 MiB
  10. 01 Getting Started/01-08 Connecting to the internet.mp416.9 MiB
  11. 01 Getting Started/01-09 Understanding modifier keys and keyboard shortcuts.mp420 MiB
  12. 01 Getting Started/01-10 Sleep, shut-down, and restart.mp47.8 MiB
  13. 01 Getting Started/01-11 Adding a Printer.mp410.5 MiB
  14. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-01 Launching applications from the Taskbar.mp48.72 MiB
  15. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-02 Use the Start menu to launch applications.mp411.7 MiB
  16. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-03 Interacting with windows, menus, and ribbons.mp417.1 MiB
  17. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-04 Quitting applications.mp47.39 MiB
  18. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-05 Pinning applications to, and customizing, the Start menu and Taskbar.mp48.6 MiB
  19. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-06 Multitasking to switch between multiple applications.mp416.3 MiB
  20. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-07 Managing several desktops using Task view.mp420.8 MiB
  21. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-08 Switching to Tablet mode.mp47.63 MiB
  22. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-09 Using touch screen controls in Windows.mp417.3 MiB
  23. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-10 Controlling Windows with a pen stylus.mp412.4 MiB
  24. 02 Launching and Managing Applications/02-11 Windows Ink Workspace.mp420.5 MiB
  25. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-01 Browsing through folders.mp415 MiB
  26. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-02 Understanding folder structures including the user folder.mp414.5 MiB
  27. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-03 Using the File Explorer ribbon and customizing File Explorer.mp421.4 MiB
  28. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-04 Creating, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders.mp423.3 MiB
  29. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-05 Using an external drive or memory stick.mp48.31 MiB
  30. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-06 Deleting files.mp411.2 MiB
  31. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-07 Using shortcuts to files and folders.mp414.5 MiB
  32. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-08 Organizing items on the desktop.mp413.3 MiB
  33. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-09 Saving files within an application.mp412.7 MiB
  34. 03 File Explorer - The Windows Filing Cabinet/03-10 Zipping and unzipping packages.mp415.2 MiB
  35. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-01 Working with Edge and Internet Explorer.mp45.61 MiB
  36. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-02 Browsing and searching the web.mp419.4 MiB
  37. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-03 Bookmarking important websites.mp411.9 MiB
  38. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-04 Using the Reading list and Reading view.mp413.1 MiB
  39. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-05 Marking up a page with web notes.mp414.6 MiB
  40. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-06 Downloading files.mp421.6 MiB
  41. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-07 Viewing and clearing history.mp410.9 MiB
  42. 04 Browsing the Web with Edge/04-08 Extensions in Edge.mp421.5 MiB
  43. 05 Working with Mail, People, and Calendars/05-01 Linking online accounts to Mail, People, and Calendar.mp417.5 MiB
  44. 05 Working with Mail, People, and Calendars/05-02 Working with the Mail app.mp421.5 MiB
  45. 05 Working with Mail, People, and Calendars/05-03 Using the Calendar.mp416.5 MiB
  46. 05 Working with Mail, People, and Calendars/05-04 Using the People app to manage an address book.mp413.1 MiB
  47. 06 Using the Other Bundled Apps/06-01 Maps and location services.mp442.6 MiB
  48. 06 Using the Other Bundled Apps/06-02 Browsing and editing photos.mp433.2 MiB
  49. 06 Using the Other Bundled Apps/06-03 Using the weather app.mp412 MiB
  50. 06 Using the Other Bundled Apps/06-04 Managing and playing music, movies, and TV shows.mp420.2 MiB
  51. 06 Using the Other Bundled Apps/06-05 Working with notifications.mp417.6 MiB
  52. 07 Installing Applications/07-01 Installing applications from the Windows Store.mp420 MiB
  53. 07 Installing Applications/07-02 Installing applications from the web.mp49.15 MiB
  54. 07 Installing Applications/07-03 Setting application defaults.mp416.7 MiB
  55. 07 Installing Applications/07-04 Setting app privacy and permissions.mp46.55 MiB
  56. 07 Installing Applications/07-05 Uninstalling applications.mp49.55 MiB
  57. 08 Essential Settings and Customization/08-01 Changing screen resolution.mp49.93 MiB
  58. 08 Essential Settings and Customization/08-02 Adjusting audio settings.mp46.08 MiB
  59. 08 Essential Settings and Customization/08-03 Customizing the desktop wallpaper and other visual details.mp424.3 MiB
  60. 08 Essential Settings and Customization/08-04 Sleep and screen saver.mp411.7 MiB
  61. 09 Account Settings/09-01 Managing user accounts.mp423.7 MiB
  62. 09 Account Settings/09-02 Sign in options and the lock screen.mp418 MiB
  63. 09 Account Settings/09-03 Changing your login account type.mp49.99 MiB
  64. 10 Using Cortana to Search/10-01 Setting up Cortana.mp411.9 MiB
  65. 10 Using Cortana to Search/10-02 Searching with Cortana.mp49.91 MiB
  66. 10 Using Cortana to Search/10-03 Voice commands and personal assistant.mp414.5 MiB
  67. 10 Using Cortana to Search/10-04 Using Cortana on the lock screen.mp418.1 MiB
  68. 10 Using Cortana to Search/10-05 Notifications and sync with mobile devices.mp419 MiB
  69. 11 Sharing with Home Networks/11-01 Connecting to another computer over a simple network.mp420.6 MiB
  70. 12 Backing Up and Restoring/12-01 Setting up a full image backup.mp419.3 MiB
  71. 12 Backing Up and Restoring/12-02 Setting up a backup with the File History tool.mp412.1 MiB
  72. 12 Backing Up and Restoring/12-03 Recovering lost files using a File History backup.mp46.97 MiB
  73. 12 Backing Up and Restoring/12-04 Manual backups tips.mp44.1 MiB
  74. 13 Troubleshooting and Updating/13-01 Configuring Windows updates.mp46.39 MiB
  75. 13 Troubleshooting and Updating/13-02 Using Windows Defender to protect against malware.mp418.3 MiB
  76. 13 Troubleshooting and Updating/13-03 Reviewing security messages and resolving problems.mp410.7 MiB
  77. 13 Troubleshooting and Updating/13-04 Task Manager, the Quick Link menu, and Control-Alt-Delete.mp49.02 MiB
  78. 13 Troubleshooting and Updating/13-05 Resetting or reinstalling Windows.mp411.2 MiB
  79. 14 Conclusion/14-01 Next Steps.mp42.38 MiB
  80. Exercise Files.zip93.4 MiB