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  1. Create value-based formatting using data bars, color scales, and icons-473602.mp427.6 MiB
  2. Set special formats for dates, times, phone numbers, and zip codes-473597.mp425.1 MiB
  3. Apply border styles and adjust gridlines-473586.mp421.7 MiB
  4. Build custom numeric formats-473598.mp420.9 MiB
  5. Adjust horizontal and vertical cell alignment-473589.mp418.1 MiB
  6. Create formats based on formulas-473603.mp418.1 MiB
  7. Apply underline, strikethrough, subscript, and superscript formatting-473585.mp416.2 MiB
  8. Control titles and headings using Wrap Text and Shrink to Fit-473593.mp416.1 MiB
  9. Work with numeric formatting options-473595.mp415.3 MiB
  10. Adjust fonts, font sizes, and font colors-473584.mp414.9 MiB
  11. Build custom date formats-473599.mp414.6 MiB
  12. Master the numeric formatting keyboard shortcuts-473596.mp413.6 MiB
  13. Use fill color and patterns for cell backgrounds-473587.mp413.6 MiB
  14. Simplify title adjustments using the Merge and Center button-473592.mp413.5 MiB
  15. Create value-based formatting using logical operators-473601.mp412.3 MiB
  16. Create angled text variations for greater variety and readability-473590.mp49.55 MiB
  17. Welcome-473580.mp46.34 MiB
  18. Indent data and dollar signs-473591.mp45.47 MiB
  19. About the exercise files-473582.mp41.09 MiB
  20. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_09_Pictures.xlsx554 KiB
  21. Prerequisites for this course-473581.mp4489 KiB
  22. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_10_PowerTechniques.xlsx167 KiB
  23. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_04_ConditionalFormatting.xlsx151 KiB
  24. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_07_OtherFormatting.xlsx121 KiB
  25. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_06_RowColumnAdjustments.xlsx86.4 KiB
  26. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_05_TablesStylesThemes.xlsx82.8 KiB
  27. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_08_Outlines.xlsx75.1 KiB
  28. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_03_Numeric.xlsx66.6 KiB
  29. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_02_Alignment.xlsx37.2 KiB
  30. Ex_Files_Excel_2016_Formatting/Exercise Files/Ch_01_FontsBorders.xlsx30.7 KiB