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  1. Best practices in conducting online research-476086.mp423.8 MiB
  2. Use trusted sites-476095.mp421.3 MiB
  3. Plagiarism and copyright infringement-476087.mp421 MiB
  4. Protect your technology - Viruses, malware, and hackers-476092.mp416.3 MiB
  5. Find solutions for the digital divide-476083.mp416.3 MiB
  6. Create a positive digital footprint-476075.mp412.3 MiB
  7. Engage with online reviews-476096.mp411.6 MiB
  8. Address cyberbullying-476078.mp411.5 MiB
  9. What is digital access-476081.mp411 MiB
  10. Online privacy-476090.mp48.62 MiB
  11. Join an online community-476079.mp47.57 MiB
  12. Welcome-476069.mp47.35 MiB
  13. What is a digital footprint-476073.mp46.2 MiB
  14. Avoid a negative digital footprint-476074.mp46.18 MiB
  15. What is digital etiquette-476077.mp45.67 MiB
  16. Overview of digital security-476089.mp45.46 MiB
  17. Online rights and responsibilities-476085.mp45.32 MiB
  18. The impact of the digital divide-476082.mp44.99 MiB
  19. Next steps-476099.mp44.92 MiB
  20. Create a username and password-476091.mp44.48 MiB
  21. Key takeaways-476098.mp43.63 MiB
  22. Overview of digital commerce-476094.mp42.81 MiB
  23. What is digital citizenship-476070.mp42.62 MiB
  24. Who is this course for-476071.mp41.62 MiB