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  1. The message box.mp416.7 MiB
  2. Reskin our reorderable list.mp415.6 MiB
  3. Parse data.mp413.9 MiB
  4. The window life cycle.mp413.2 MiB
  5. Add boxes to a customer editor.mp413 MiB
  6. Serialize data.mp412.9 MiB
  7. Add a reorderable list.mp412.4 MiB
  8. Custom editor limitations.mp411.5 MiB
  9. Modify the layout of a custom editor.mp411.4 MiB
  10. Work with serialized properties.mp411.2 MiB
  11. Build a custom window.mp411.1 MiB
  12. Standardizing styling.mp410.9 MiB
  13. Display in a window.mp410.3 MiB
  14. Write data to the asset folder.mp410.3 MiB
  15. Add callbacks to our reorderable list.mp49.57 MiB
  16. Drag-and-drop support in a window.mp49.53 MiB
  17. Load data from the asset folder.mp49.24 MiB
  18. Pick GameObjects using selection fields.mp49.07 MiB
  19. Export and import assets packages.mp48.54 MiB
  20. Add buttons to a custom editor.mp48.49 MiB
  21. UI utilities.mp48.47 MiB
  22. Code organization.mp48.29 MiB
  23. Cleaning up our custom UI.mp48.25 MiB
  24. Work with variables.mp48.2 MiB
  25. Modify what the Inspector displays.mp48.1 MiB
  26. Prepare to save data.mp47.99 MiB
  27. Provide attributes to Inspector fields.mp47.79 MiB
  28. Hide and show content.mp47.65 MiB
  29. Add custom classes.mp47.47 MiB
  30. Input field - Strings & numbers.mp47.37 MiB
  31. Work with data.mp47.01 MiB
  32. Variable limitations in the Inspector.mp46.79 MiB
  33. A tour of the Inspector.mp46.36 MiB
  34. Extend the base editor.mp46.05 MiB
  35. Welcome.mp44.88 MiB
  36. Expose variables to the Inspector.mp44.75 MiB
  37. Next steps.mp4800 KiB
  38. Exercise files.mp4794 KiB
  39. What you should know.mp4740 KiB