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  1. Exploring previsualization and animatics-478300.mp445.3 MiB
  2. Intro to Particular-478305.mp440.9 MiB
  3. Fancy particles transition-478309.mp434.3 MiB
  4. Intro to Plexus-478315.mp432 MiB
  5. Intro to Form-478313.mp431.2 MiB
  6. Blue-print design comes to life-478303.mp427.1 MiB
  7. Creating streaks of lights using Particular-478310.mp426.6 MiB
  8. Animating lines with Auto-trace-478304.mp425.4 MiB
  9. Integrating 3D renders with After Effects-478302.mp424.5 MiB
  10. Creating dust layers with Particular-478306.mp424 MiB
  11. Welcome-478293.mp423 MiB
  12. Analyzing the client brief-478297.mp421.4 MiB
  13. Adding depth of field using z-depth pass-478311.mp420.8 MiB
  14. Walk-through of the final scene-478307.mp420.8 MiB
  15. What is a digital pen-478296.mp420.1 MiB
  16. Wrap-up-478319.mp420.1 MiB
  17. DNA chain using Form-478314.mp418 MiB
  18. Adding geometric lines with Plexus-478316.mp417.4 MiB
  19. HUDs and Scribble additions-478317.mp417.3 MiB
  20. Deciding on the artistic direction-478298.mp414.7 MiB
  21. Presenting to the client-478299.mp48.53 MiB
  22. What you should know before watching this course-478294.mp47.68 MiB