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  1. 01_The Infamous Jack the Ripper.mp328.6 MiB
  2. 02_Analyzing the Black Dahlia Murder.mp327.6 MiB
  3. 03_Dissecting Hollywood Deaths.mp328.5 MiB
  4. 04_Decomposition and Confusing Interpretations.mp327 MiB
  5. 05_Lizzie Borden and the Menendez Brothers.mp327 MiB
  6. 06_The Tylenol Murders.mp327.1 MiB
  7. 07_Copycats and Hoaxes.mp328.4 MiB
  8. 08_Frauds and Forgeries.mp328.8 MiB
  9. 09_Blood Doping and Other Sports Scandals.mp328.5 MiB
  10. 10_Bad Boys of U.S. Politics.mp328.7 MiB
  11. 11_Criminals of the Wild, Wild West.mp327.9 MiB
  12. 12_Investigating Incredible Bank Heists.mp327.3 MiB
  13. 13_How Reliable Is Eyewitness Testimony.mp327.1 MiB
  14. 14_The Truth behind False Confessions.mp327.9 MiB
  15. 15_Crooked Cops and Bad Convictions.mp327.9 MiB
  16. 16_Guilty until Proven Innocent.mp328.9 MiB
  17. 17_Political Assassinations.mp328.5 MiB
  18. 18_Mysteries of the Romanov Family.mp327.8 MiB
  19. 19_Forensics of Genocide.mp327.8 MiB
  20. 20_The Nazis and the Witch of Buchenwald.mp328 MiB
  21. 21_The Spies Have It.mp328.2 MiB
  22. 22_Motive and Kidnapping.mp328.6 MiB
  23. 23_Identification Matters.mp327.6 MiB
  24. 24_The Past, Present, and Future of Forensics.mp330.1 MiB
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