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  1. Yacht Basin at Trouville-Deauville, 1895-96.jpg15.6 MiB
  2. Beach at Trouville.jpg11.7 MiB
  3. The Entrance to Trouville Harbour, 1888.jpg11.4 MiB
  4. Scene on the Beach , Trouville.jpg11 MiB
  5. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1863.jpg10.7 MiB
  6. Hopital-Camfrout, Britain.jpg10.6 MiB
  7. Bruxelles Harbour.jpg10.4 MiB
  8. Laundresses on the Beach, Etretat, 1894.jpg10.3 MiB
  9. Return of the Terre-Neuvier, 1875.jpg10.2 MiB
  10. Scene on the Beach at Trouville.jpg10.1 MiB
  11. Britain Coast, 1870.jpg9.84 MiB
  12. The Beach at Tourgeville-les-Sablons.jpg9.61 MiB
  13. Laundresses by a Stream.jpg9.48 MiB
  14. Figures on the Beach, 1867-70.jpg9.41 MiB
  15. Festival in the Harbor of Honfleur, 1858.jpg8.84 MiB
  16. Deauville, Harbour.jpg8.75 MiB
  17. Women on the Beach at Berck, 1881.jpg8.43 MiB
  18. Bathing Time at Deauville, 1865.jpg8.25 MiB
  19. Concert at the Casino of Deauville, 1865.jpg7.54 MiB
  20. Beach at Trouville, 1864-65.jpg7.33 MiB
  21. Landscape.jpg6.66 MiB
  22. Flowers.jpg6.45 MiB
  23. Venice, Santa Maria della Salute from San Giorgio, 1895.jpg6.16 MiB
  24. Two Ladies Seated and a Couple Walking on the Beach, 1866.jpg6.06 MiB
  25. The Beach, 1877.jpg6 MiB
  26. Ships in Harbor, 1875.jpg5.64 MiB
  27. A Couple Seated on the Beach with Two Dogs, 1865.jpg5.64 MiB
  28. On the Jetty, 1869-70.jpg5.61 MiB
  29. Ship on the Touques, 1888-95.jpg4.99 MiB
  30. Laundresses by the River, 1880-85.jpg4.98 MiB
  31. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1865.jpg4.63 MiB
  32. Beach House with Flags at Trouville, 1865.jpg4.57 MiB
  33. Loading the Boats, 1875.jpg4.5 MiB
  34. The Trawlers, 1885f.jpg4.41 MiB
  35. Woman in a Crinoline on the Beach of Trouville, 1865.jpg4.41 MiB
  36. Plougastel, the Bay on the Rade to Brest, 1871.jpg4.33 MiB
  37. On the Beach, 1894.jpg4.22 MiB
  38. A Couple Seated and a Couple Walking on the Beach, 1866.jpg4.16 MiB
  39. Fishermen in the Boat, 1853-56.jpg4.09 MiB
  40. Beach Scene, Normandy, 1890.jpg4.07 MiB
  41. The Beach at Villerville, 1864 (Vers.2).jpg3.88 MiB
  42. The Beach at Villerville, 1864 (Vers.1).jpg3.82 MiB
  43. On the Beach, Trouville, 1887.jpg3.79 MiB
  44. The Port of Trouvill, Harbour, 1883-88.jpg3.71 MiB
  45. Etretat, 1891.JPG3.51 MiB
  46. Dordrecht, the Meuse, 1884.jpg3.49 MiB
  47. Scene on the Beach, 1864.jpg3.39 MiB
  48. Laundresses near Trouville, 1972-76.jpg3.37 MiB
  49. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1885.jpeg3.26 MiB
  50. Ladies and Gentleman Walking on the Beach with Two Dogs.jpg3.24 MiB
  51. Dordrecht, 1885.jpg3.18 MiB
  52. Pasture, Breton Coast, 1882-86.jpg3.16 MiB
  53. The Pastry, 1879.jpg3.16 MiB
  54. Cows on the Pasture (study), 1880-85.jpg3.11 MiB
  55. Entrance to the Harbor, Le Havre, 1883.jpg3.06 MiB
  56. Crinolines on the Beach, 1865.jpg3.04 MiB
  57. Park Cordier in Trouville, 1880-85.jpg3.03 MiB
  58. Plougastel, the Bay, 1870-73.jpg2.96 MiB
  59. A French Harbour, 1888.jpg2.95 MiB
  60. On the Beach, Dieppe, 1864.jpg2.91 MiB
  61. Etaples, Sand Dunes, 1890.JPG2.83 MiB
  62. Douarnenez, the Bay.jpeg2.8 MiB
  63. Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, the River Mouth of the Somme, 1891.jpg2.66 MiB
  64. Havre, 1894.jpeg2.63 MiB
  65. Beaulieu, the Day of Fourmis, 1892.jpg2.62 MiB
  66. Princesse Pauline de Metternich on the Beach, 1865-67.jpg2.55 MiB
  67. The Wharf and Jetty at Trouville, 1863.jpg2.53 MiB
  68. Scene with Boats.jpeg2.52 MiB
  69. Beach Scene, 1862.jpg2.49 MiB
  70. Laundresses.jpg2.46 MiB
  71. The Port, Trouville.jpg2.42 MiB
  72. Etretat, Sunset.jpg2.39 MiB
  73. Beach at Trouville, 1863.jpg2.35 MiB
  74. Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, 1892.jpg2.33 MiB
  75. Abbeville, the Collegiate Church at Night, 1890-94.jpg2.31 MiB
  76. The Port at Villefranche, 1892.jpg2.29 MiB
  77. The Jetty at Trouville, 1887.jpg2.28 MiB
  78. The River at Plougastel, 1870.jpeg2.26 MiB
  79. Beach Scene, Sunset.jpeg2.19 MiB
  80. Berck, the Harbour, 1886.jpg2.12 MiB
  81. Sky, Basin Trade in Havre (study), 1890.jpg2.1 MiB
  82. Port of Havre, 1887.jpg2.03 MiB
  83. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1867.jpg2.02 MiB
  84. Small Channel in Venice, 1895.jpeg2.01 MiB
  85. Havre, Normandy, France, 1892.jpg2 MiB
  86. The Carriages of Nomades, 1885-90.jpeg1.98 MiB
  87. Trouville, the Port, 1880.jpg1.96 MiB
  88. Harbor, Brest, 1872.jpg1.96 MiB
  89. Etretat, Fishing Boats on the Beach, 1890.jpg1.96 MiB
  90. Ships and Sailing Boats Leaving the Havre, 1887.jpg1.95 MiB
  91. Rocks at Trouville, 1898.jpg1.95 MiB
  92. Scene on the Beach of Trouville, 1881.jpg1.92 MiB
  93. Banks of Seine.jpg1.91 MiB
  94. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1888.jpg1.91 MiB
  95. Breton Horse.jpg1.89 MiB
  96. Rotterdam, the Bridge of the Bourse, 1876-80.jpeg1.88 MiB
  97. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1871.jpg1.88 MiB
  98. Touques, the Harbour, 1888-90.jpg1.87 MiB
  99. Deauville, 1893.jpg1.87 MiB
  100. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1869.jpg1.83 MiB
  101. The Entrance to Havre with Jetties, Stormy Weather.jpg1.81 MiB
  102. Blue Sky, White Cloudes, 1854-59.jpg1.81 MiB
  103. Artist`s House and Garden in Braquaval, 1885.jpg1.81 MiB
  104. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1896.jpg1.8 MiB
  105. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques near Trouville, 1891.jpg1.77 MiB
  106. Clouds over the Sea, 1860-65.jpg1.77 MiB
  107. Berk, the Dunes in Grey Weather, 1890 (Bonhams Vers.).jpeg1.77 MiB
  108. Cloudy Sky on Trouville, 1895.jpg1.76 MiB
  109. Fishermen's Wives, 1855-60.jpg1.75 MiB
  110. The Square and the Saint-Vulfran Church at Abbeville, 1884.jpg1.69 MiB
  111. Herdsmen and Cattle, 1877.jpg1.68 MiB
  112. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1863.jpeg1.66 MiB
  113. Clouds, Blue Sky and Boats, 1895.jpg1.65 MiB
  114. Storage Pond at Trouville, 1894.jpeg1.62 MiB
  115. Benerville, the Beach, 1890.jpg1.62 MiB
  116. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1888-90.jpg1.62 MiB
  117. Return of Ste-Anne-La-Palud, 1858.jpg1.61 MiB
  118. Seascape, 1898.jpg1.59 MiB
  119. Bruxelles, the Channel of Louvain, 1871.jpeg1.59 MiB
  120. Bordeaux, the Harbor, 1874.jpg1.58 MiB
  121. Cows at the Pasture.jpg1.58 MiB
  122. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1865.jpeg1.58 MiB
  123. Beach of Trouville, 1867.jpg1.58 MiB
  124. Outskirts of Etaple, 1891.jpeg1.56 MiB
  125. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1866.jpg1.52 MiB
  126. On the Beach, 1865.jpg1.51 MiB
  127. The Mouth of Elorn in the Outskirts of Brest, 1872.jpg1.51 MiB
  128. Marine Scene, 1870-85.jpg1.5 MiB
  129. Summer at Trouville, 1895.jpg1.5 MiB
  130. Deauville, the Terrace, 1888.jpg1.5 MiB
  131. Harbor of Deauville, 1890.jpg1.5 MiB
  132. Four Women at Trouville, 1865.jpg1.49 MiB
  133. Bruxelles, on the Channel, 1871.jpeg1.49 MiB
  134. Young Breton Girls, 1880-85.jpg1.48 MiB
  135. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1880.jpeg1.47 MiB
  136. Three-Master, 1860.jpg1.46 MiB
  137. Lady in White on the Beach at Trouville, 1869.jpg1.45 MiB
  138. Deauville, Harbor, 1886.jpg1.44 MiB
  139. Seascape with Sailing Vessel, 1875.jpg1.43 MiB
  140. Trouville, Fishing Market, 1875.jpeg1.43 MiB
  141. Study of a Spaniel.jpg1.43 MiB
  142. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, Sunset, 1865.jpg1.42 MiB
  143. Crinolines on the Beach, 1889.jpg1.41 MiB
  144. The Coast at Concarneau.jpg1.4 MiB
  145. Tailors of Plougastel, 1869.jpeg1.39 MiB
  146. Landscape with Trees, Cottage, and Farm Wagon, 1858.jpg1.39 MiB
  147. Fish.jpg1.38 MiB
  148. Fisherwomen on the Beach, Berk, 1875-78.jpg1.37 MiB
  149. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1881.jpg1.37 MiB
  150. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1871.jpeg1.37 MiB
  151. Etaples, 1886.jpeg1.36 MiB
  152. Gossip on the Beach.jpg1.36 MiB
  153. The Canal at Rotterdam, 1875-80.jpg1.34 MiB
  154. Deauville, 1885-95.jpg1.33 MiB
  155. The Canal at Rotterdam, 1876-80.jpg1.32 MiB
  156. Honfleur, the Port, Morning, 1892-96.jpg1.32 MiB
  157. Herds Crossing a Stream, 1877.jpg1.31 MiB
  158. Seascape.jpg1.3 MiB
  159. Sailing Boats on the Shore.jpg1.29 MiB
  160. Seascape, Sailing Boats, 1885-90.jpg1.29 MiB
  161. Marine View.jpg1.27 MiB
  162. Seated Lady in Black, Trouville, 1865.jpg1.27 MiB
  163. Two Men Laying on the Beach.jpg1.27 MiB
  164. Figures on the Beach, 1866.jpg1.27 MiB
  165. Trouville, the Jetties, Low Tide, 1888.jpg1.26 MiB
  166. The Road to Villers-sur-Mer, 1888-95.jpg1.26 MiB
  167. Leaving the Port at Trouville, 1893.jpg1.26 MiB
  168. Deauville, the Bridge on the Touques, 1891.jpg1.25 MiB
  169. Provincial Figures.jpg1.25 MiB
  170. Deauville, the Beach, 1893.jpg1.25 MiB
  171. Caudebec-en-Caux, The Seine Embankment, 1889.jpg1.24 MiB
  172. Woman in a Blue Dress under a Parasol, 1865.jpg1.24 MiB
  173. Ladies and Gentlemen Seated on the Beach with a Dog, 1866.jpg1.23 MiB
  174. Port, the Oriflamme, 1865.jpg1.23 MiB
  175. Trouville, Return of the Fishing Boats, 1896.jpg1.23 MiB
  176. Women at a Well, Allinges.jpg1.21 MiB
  177. The Market at Trouville, 1878.jpg1.21 MiB
  178. Boats at Scheveningen, 1875-76.jpeg1.2 MiB
  179. Berk, Harbour.jpg1.19 MiB
  180. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1888-95.jpg1.19 MiB
  181. Berk, Fisherwomen Waiting for Returning Boats, 1875.jpg1.19 MiB
  182. River Landscape with Buildings, Boats, and Figures, 1858.jpg1.19 MiB
  183. La Cote de Grace, 1890.jpg1.18 MiB
  184. Three Women at Trouville, 1865.jpg1.18 MiB
  185. Ladies and Gentlemen on the Beach, in Two Registers, 1865.jpg1.18 MiB
  186. Cows near the Sea, 1896.jpg1.18 MiB
  187. Harbor of Deauville, 1888.jpg1.18 MiB
  188. Laundress at the Bank of the Touques, 1883.jpg1.18 MiB
  189. Venice, the Mole and Grand Canal in the Morning, 1895.jpg1.16 MiB
  190. Laundry on the Bank of the Tauques.jpg1.16 MiB
  191. The Beach at Trouville, 1863.jpg1.15 MiB
  192. Havre, the Avant Port, Sun Down, 1882.jpg1.15 MiB
  193. Trouville, the Beach, 1888.jpg1.14 MiB
  194. The Port of Trouville, Low Tide, 1894.jpg1.14 MiB
  195. Trouville, the Sailing Boats, 1883-87.jpg1.14 MiB
  196. Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, The River Mouth of Somme, 1891.jpg1.14 MiB
  197. Antibes, the Port, 1893.jpg1.13 MiB
  198. Portrieux, the Bay, 1873.jpg1.13 MiB
  199. Crinolines (study), 1865.jpg1.12 MiB
  200. Camaret, the Port, 1873.jpg1.12 MiB
  201. The Port of Trouville, 1891.jpg1.11 MiB
  202. Boats at the Port of Ancre, 1873.jpg1.11 MiB
  203. Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Moonlight Effect, 1894.jpg1.11 MiB
  204. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1897.jpg1.11 MiB
  205. Four Ladies Seated at Trouville, 1866.jpg1.1 MiB
  206. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1868.jpg1.09 MiB
  207. The Port of Trouville, 1880.jpg1.09 MiB
  208. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1869.jpeg1.09 MiB
  209. Seashore at Saint-Adresse, 1894.jpg1.09 MiB
  210. Sky (study), 1888-95.jpg1.08 MiB
  211. Bordeaux, from the Quai des Chartrons, 1874.jpg1.07 MiB
  212. Trouville, the Harbour.jpg1.07 MiB
  213. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1883-87.jpg1.06 MiB
  214. Britain, 1890.jpg1.05 MiB
  215. Dieppe, the Avant-Port, 1890-96.jpg1.05 MiB
  216. Peasants and Cows, 1877.jpg1.05 MiB
  217. Coastal Landscape with Shipping, Windmill in Distance, 1858.jpg1.05 MiB
  218. Etaples, the Canche, 1891.jpg1.04 MiB
  219. Scene on the Beach, 1883-87.jpg1.04 MiB
  220. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1889.jpg1.04 MiB
  221. Sea Port, Morning Effect, 1880-85.jpg1.04 MiB
  222. Rouen, View on the Reine, 1895.jpg1.04 MiB
  223. Deauville, 1880-85.jpg1.03 MiB
  224. Crinoline and Men with Hats, 1866.jpg1.02 MiB
  225. Le Croisic, Sea Coast, 1897.jpg1.02 MiB
  226. Hopital-Camfrout, the Green Mill, 1870.jpg1.02 MiB
  227. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1893.jpg1.01 MiB
  228. Sun-Shades, Trouville, 1869.jpg1.01 MiB
  229. Havre, The Port, 1883-87.jpg1.01 MiB
  230. The Banks of the Touques in High Tide, 1895.jpg1.01 MiB
  231. Fair Day in Britain, 1865.jpg1.01 MiB
  232. Passengers on Shipboard.jpg1.01 MiB
  233. Coastal Landscape with Shipping, 1858.jpg1.01 MiB
  234. Trouville, the Jetty in High Tide, 1885-90.jpg1.01 MiB
  235. Market at Daoulas, 1869.jpg1 MiB
  236. Shore of Berk, Low Tide, 1880-85.jpg1 MiB
  237. Stormy Sky on the Estuary of Havre.jpg1022 KiB
  238. Havre, the Port, 1889.jpg1019 KiB
  239. Berk, the Beach, 1875-78.jpg1019 KiB
  240. Deauville, Harbor, 1884.jpg1012 KiB
  241. Three-Master in the Port, 1880.jpg1007 KiB
  242. Douarnenez, Fishing Boats near the Beach, 1897.jpg1003 KiB
  243. Deauville, the Bay, 1860-65.jpg1000 KiB
  244. Seascape at Saint-Vaast-La Hougue, 1892.jpg996 KiB
  245. Laundresses in Britain.jpg987 KiB
  246. View of the Port of Antibes, Morning, 1893.jpg986 KiB
  247. Antibes, The Fort Carre, 1893.jpg986 KiB
  248. Berk, the Dunes in Grey Weather, 1890 (Sotheby`s Vers.).jpg985 KiB
  249. Portrieux, the Harbour, 1873.jpg980 KiB
  250. Harbor of Deauville, 1896.jpg975 KiB
  251. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1894.jpg973 KiB
  252. Outskirts of Plougastel, 1870.jpg967 KiB
  253. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1872.jpg963 KiB
  254. Four Crinolines (study), 1865.jpg955 KiB
  255. Landscape in Normandy, 1854-57.jpg954 KiB
  256. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1886.jpg950 KiB
  257. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1864.jpg947 KiB
  258. Camaret, Fishing Boats in the Rade, 1872.jpg946 KiB
  259. Havre, the Eure Basin, 1872.jpg945 KiB
  260. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1875.jpg932 KiB
  261. Fishermen's Wives at the Seaside, 1872.jpg929 KiB
  262. Havre, the Avant Port, 1893.jpg928 KiB
  263. The Pool, Saint-Cenery, 1890-92.jpeg924 KiB
  264. La Place Ary Scheffer, Dordrecht, 1884.jpeg922 KiB
  265. Sky (study).jpeg918 KiB
  266. Etretat, Cliff of the Aval, 1890.jpg916 KiB
  267. Berk, Beach in a Harbour, 1882.jpg916 KiB
  268. Crinolines and Cabins, 1865.jpg915 KiB
  269. Trouville, the Beach, 1866.jpg914 KiB
  270. Berk, Beach with Shallow, 1875-77.jpg909 KiB
  271. Cows near the Sea, 1885-90.jpg906 KiB
  272. Venice, the Grand Canal, Steamboats and Gondolas, 1895.jpg903 KiB
  273. On the Beach.jpeg901 KiB
  274. Argenteuil, Walking on the River Bank, 1866.jpg894 KiB
  275. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1886.jpg888 KiB
  276. River Scene with Windmill at Dordrecht, Holland, 1884.jpg887 KiB
  277. Outskirts of Honfleur, 1853-57.jpg884 KiB
  278. Fishermen.jpg880 KiB
  279. Laundresses on the Beach near Cliff of the Aval, Etretat, 1890-94.jpg877 KiB
  280. Havre, Russian Corvette in the Eure Bassin, 1888.jpg876 KiB
  281. Plougastel, the Ferry Crossing, 1873.jpg874 KiB
  282. Camaret, Pointe du Toulinguet.jpg874 KiB
  283. L'Ile aux Moines with Workers in a Field, 1858.jpg872 KiB
  284. Abbeville, 1894.jpg871 KiB
  285. Crinolines, 1867.jpg870 KiB
  286. Etretat, Fishing Boats and Fishers at the Beach, 1890 (Christies Vers.).jpg866 KiB
  287. Three Crinolines (study), 1865.jpg866 KiB
  288. Le Croisic, General View Getting from Pempron, 1897.jpg866 KiB
  289. Saint-Romain Street, Rouen, 1895.jpg861 KiB
  290. Villefranche, 1892.jpg855 KiB
  291. Trouville, the Port, 1880-84.jpg853 KiB
  292. Four Ladies in Crinolines Walking at Trouville, 1865.jpg848 KiB
  293. Outskirts of the Portrieux, 1874.jpg848 KiB
  294. Berk, Scene on the Beach, 1880.jpg847 KiB
  295. The Partridge Haunting on the Cliffs, 1869.jpg847 KiB
  296. The Wharf at Trouville, 1864.jpg845 KiB
  297. Bordeaux, the Port.jpeg842 KiB
  298. Venice, the Grand Canal, 1895.jpg842 KiB
  299. Etretat, Cliff, 1891.JPG839 KiB
  300. Trouvillle, Entrance of the Port, 1880-85.jpg836 KiB
  301. Farmhouses in the Outskirts of Dunkerque, 1889.jpg832 KiB
  302. L'Ile aux Moines with Figure and Cart, 1858.jpg831 KiB
  303. Trouville, Scene on the Beach, 1874.jpg830 KiB
  304. Touques, the Port of Vieux, 1893.jpg821 KiB
  305. Bordeaux, Boats on the Garonne, 1874.jpeg820 KiB
  306. Beach at Trouville, 1893.JPG818 KiB
  307. Douarnenez, Fishing Boats near the Beach, 1855.jpg818 KiB
  308. Two Pigs.jpeg816 KiB
  309. Boats in the Sea, 1888-95.jpeg816 KiB
  310. Horse.jpg812 KiB
  311. Havre, Sailboats in the Port, 1883.jpg806 KiB
  312. Honfleur, Riverscape, 1854-57.jpg806 KiB
  313. Landscape with Three Women, 1890.jpeg806 KiB
  314. Outskirts of Honfleur, the Harbour, 1853-57.jpg805 KiB
  315. Deauville, Riverscape, 1896.jpg803 KiB
  316. Dordrecht, the Meuse, 1884.jpeg802 KiB
  317. Deauville, Harbor, 1890.jpg799 KiB
  318. Trouville, 1867.jpg798 KiB
  319. Port, Anchored Ships, 1885-90.jpg796 KiB
  320. Scene on the Beach, 1866.jpg794 KiB
  321. Camaret, Fishermen and Boats, 1869.jpeg794 KiB
  322. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1865.jpg791 KiB
  323. Pont Aven, the Mill, 1897.jpg789 KiB
  324. Cows and Cattles (study), 1860-65.jpg783 KiB
  325. On the Beach, 1876-80.jpg777 KiB
  326. Deauville, the Three-Master, 1885-90.jpg777 KiB
  327. Low Tide, 1888-95.jpeg774 KiB
  328. Montagnes, Outskirts of the Nice, 1892.jpeg773 KiB
  329. The Slipway on Meuse at Rotterdam, 1880.jpg769 KiB
  330. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1890.jpg764 KiB
  331. Scene on the Beach, 1865.jpg751 KiB
  332. Port in Normandy, 1858-62.jpg746 KiB
  333. Deauville, 1881.jpg745 KiB
  334. Harbor of Deauville, 1878.jpeg741 KiB
  335. Sailer on the Water, 1885-90.jpeg741 KiB
  336. Boats on the Meuse.jpeg736 KiB
  337. Deauville, the Boat Basin, 1887.jpg735 KiB
  338. Bordeaux, the Quais, 1874.jpg733 KiB
  339. Fisherwomen in Berk, 1875.jpg732 KiB
  340. Sunset in the Port, 1896.jpg729 KiB
  341. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1864.jpg722 KiB
  342. Leaving the Port of Havre, 1883.jpg721 KiB
  343. Boats Returning to Port, Trouville, 1894.jpg719 KiB
  344. Trouville, the Jetties in Harbour, 1894.jpeg712 KiB
  345. Laundresses near the Bridge, 1885-90.jpeg709 KiB
  346. Sky.jpg707 KiB
  347. Touques at Saint-Arnoult, 1895.jpg707 KiB
  348. Crinolines on the Beach at Trouville, 1865.jpeg703 KiB
  349. Women on a Beach, Trouville, 1866.jpg702 KiB
  350. Scene on the Beach at Trouville, 1865-67.jpg692 KiB
  351. Cows (study).jpeg692 KiB
  352. Ships in the Port of Honfleur, 1856.jpg685 KiB
  353. Crinolines on the Beach at Trouville, 1865.jpg685 KiB
  354. Brest, Fisherwomen on the Shore, 1879.jpg683 KiB
  355. Stream Capture of Petit-Rodeur.jpg681 KiB
  356. Scene on the Beach (study).jpeg680 KiB
  357. Laundresses at the Bank of the River, 1885-90.jpeg675 KiB
  358. The Laun Place of White Horse at Trouville, 1885-88.jpeg675 KiB
  359. Women on the Beach, 1865.jpg671 KiB
  360. The Seine at Quillebeuf, 1893.jpg667 KiB
  361. Harbor of Deauville, Morning Effect, 1893.jpg666 KiB
  362. Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, the Bay, 1892.jpg664 KiB
  363. Trouville, 1872.jpg652 KiB
  364. Camaret, 1871-73.jpeg650 KiB
  365. Seascape, 1860-65.jpg649 KiB
  366. Venice, Salute, Douane, Giudecca in front, View on the Grand Canal, 1895.jpg645 KiB
  367. Trouville, the Jetties, Low Tide, 1883-87.jpg641 KiB
  368. Stables with Horses for Rent, 18985-90.jpeg640 KiB
  369. Deauville, 1895.jpg640 KiB
  370. Scene on the Beach in Trouville, 1870.jpeg633 KiB
  371. Cows at the Pasture, 1880-85 03.jpg625 KiB
  372. Deauville, the Beach, 1893.jpeg617 KiB
  373. Scene on the Beach, 1888-95.jpeg615 KiB
  374. Forest Landscape, 1856-60.jpeg614 KiB
  375. Berk, Boats and Fishermen on the Beach.jpg614 KiB
  376. The Beach at Deauville, 1864.jpg603 KiB
  377. Village in the Outskirts of Dunkerque.jpg603 KiB
  378. Havre.jpeg603 KiB
  379. Sunset at Canche, Etaples, 1891.jpg601 KiB
  380. Fecamp, 1894.jpeg601 KiB
  381. Village by a River, 1867.jpg600 KiB
  382. Laundresses at the Bank of the Touques, 1885-90.jpeg599 KiB
  383. The Port of Antibes, 1893.jpg596 KiB
  384. Trouville, the Port, 1894.jpeg593 KiB
  385. Bordeaux, Three-Master on the Garonne, 1876.jpeg592 KiB
  386. Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Port, 1893-94.jpg588 KiB
  387. Rotterdam, the Bridge of Bourse, 1873.jpeg586 KiB
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  389. Anchored Three-Master, 1894-97.jpeg580 KiB
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